EP 145 | Buffy Saint-Marie Turns 80-REPEAT!


Last Saturday Singer/Songwriter, Educator, Social Activist, Mother, and leader Buffy Saint-Marie celebrated her 80th Birthday.  

She had some cake she made the night before and called us from her home in Hawaii.

This is the complete interview 

(Keep your ears open for chickens and roosters in the yard and about 15 minutes in a huge rainstorm pounds the roof.  She does live in a rainforest after all)

Because we have known each other over so many years, I went all the way back to her birth. She was abandoned as a baby and adopted by a family who gave her love and education. Buffy explains that she doesn’t really know her real birthday date but it didn’t let her stop becoming a legend.

Original photography by Jack Robinson.

She was told at 6 years old in school that “there were no more Indians around. All Gone.  Maybe some in Arizona”.  We talk about what has changed for young native students. If anything.

Buffy has always lived a life looking at ”the long view”.  In our talk, she explains what that means and how well it served her. She likes “busy”. Busy is good.

She’s won a Grammy, An Oscar, received an  Order of Canada,  spent 5 glorious years educating on Sesame Street, and has received countless honors.

You can read about her amazing life in Andrea Warner’s  Book,  Buffy Saint-Marie – The Authorized Bio.

We welcome back – The Buffster.

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Mulligan Stew June 25th 2022-Summer feelin!



As I typed the title of this Stew I realized JUNE is DONE –  Done  Like Dinner!

I have got to get out more.

Plus we all could use music that reflects that freedom.

So, this Stew has the feeling of

driving down the road with the windows down

walking down a sidewalk or trail with the sun warming your back

waking up to a Summer sunrise, and not caring that it’s 5 am.

celebrating the long days and even longer nights.

relocating friends and family and celebrate your luck.

That’s what I’m hoping this hand-picked music does for you.

New music from

Blackie and the Rodeo Kings

The Rolling Stones

Cat Power

Tate McRae


Mavis and Levon

Florence and the Machine

Live tracks from

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

Doug Sahm

Neko Case and The Sadies

Van Morrison

The Stones

Matt Anderson and David Vest Trade tracks

Billy Preston and Eric Clapton

Classic tracks from

The Beatles

Tower of Power

The Wood Brothers

Ariel Posen

Professor Longhair


See you for the Canada Day Weekend




The Stew June 25 – 2022
Reconsider baby (live) Doug Sahm The last real Texas Blues Band
Black Sheep Blackie and the Rodeo Kings Kings and Queens
Hold on Hold on (live) Neko Case and The Sadies in concert
Dream girl evil Florence and The Machine Dance Fever Deluxe
Midnight Rider The Wood Brothers Up above my head
Domino (live) Van Morrison It’s too late to stop now Vol 1
Learning to fly (live) Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers The Live Anthology
Rubberband Tate McRae single
Downtown Ariel Posen Downtown
Wrapped around your finger The Police Synchronicity
Who’s Foolin Who Ann Vriend Everybody Matters
Bye Bye Love The Everly Brothers All Time Greatest Hits
Raining in my heart Buddy Holly The Buddy Holly Story
Not fade away (live) The Rolling Stones Stripped
This is Mulligan Stew Year 26
Big Chief Professor Longhair Lousiana Piano Rhythms
This is Mulligan Stew with TDMulligan
Weightless (live) Matt Anderson Live at Olympic Hall
West Coast Saturday Night David Vest Devestatin’ Rhythm
Ain’t no Sunshine Matt Anderson Second time around
Mystery Train (live) David Vest Live at Hermann’s
Tumblin’ Dice (live) The Rolling Stones Live at The El Mocambo
you got the Silver Cat Power single www.river-café.com
Isn’t it a pity (live) Billy Preston Concert for George
This may be the last time Mavis Staples and Levon Helm Carry Me Home
Tery David Mulligan
You must believe me (live) Eric Clapton Tribute to Curtis Mayfield
Have a great weekend and Happy Birthday Canada
Oakland Stroke Tower of Power Oakland Stroke
All you need is Love (live) The Beatles One

MulliganStew June 18th 2022- Happy 80th Birthday Paul McCartney!


It’s 1968..I’m in London for the opening of the Apple Store and Company. Sgt Pepper has just been released.

I have a night off and it’s suggested I check out a band at a great small club called Bag O Nails.

The band was great (power trio.,. Sorry can’t remember the name) BUT also very interested were The Beatles.

 3 of the guys walked in and took a booth.

Something compelled me to sit down beside Paul after the band took a break.

I said something like..” we were born days apart. Same year. We’ll be walking the same roads and years. Take care of yourself”

He wanted to know where in Canada I was from and exchanged wartime stories about our Fathers and what brought me to London.  “You… Apple. The Beatles. Music”

We talked for 5 minutes and shook hands…

So. Here we are on the occasion of Paul’s 80th birthday.  He’s still playing concerts and touring. Stays and plays on stage for well over 2 hours.

And I’m still playing his music.  If you take care of yourself and voice and write meaningful can rock into your 80s

Playlist includes

Paul solo

Paul Acoustic

The Beatles  Live and Studio


Amy Helm, Jim Byrnes, Wicked Wilson Pickett, Van and Buble,  Corey Wong brings the funk, Black Keys, RL Burnside, Annie Lennox, Michael Franti,   John Scofield, Mariel Buckley, Landreth Bros.

Taj Mahal with Janiva Magness and also with Ry Cooder.  Lots more…Bags full


Happy Fathers Day Pops


Mulligan Stew June 18 2022
Welcome to The Stew with TDMulligan Celebrating Paul McCartney’s 80th Birthday
Inner City Blues Marvin Gaye Something to believe in
Sleeping dogs best left alone Dr John Sleepinmg dogs best left alone
Mockingbird Charlie and Inez Fox Mockingbird Celebrating Paul McCartney’s 80th Birthday
Shooting at the Moon Mariel Buckley Everywhere I used to be
What in the World The Bros. Landreth Come Morning
Don’t you wish it was true Janiva Magness and Taj Mahal Change in the Weather Celebrating Paul McCartney’s 80th Birthday
Wild Child Black Keys Dropout Boogie
Sailin’ Shoes Sass Jordan Bitches Blues
Someday Baby RL Burnside A Bothered Mind
Train in Vain (Stand by Me) Annie Lennox Medusa
This is The Stew – TDMulligan
Stompin’ Ground Aaron Neville and the Dirty Dozen Brass band Take me to the River
Unchain my heart Part 1 & 2 John Scofield That’s what I say
Mulligan STEW Happy 80th Birthday Paul McCartney Year 26
Get Back (live) The Beatles Get Back Soundtrack
I got a feelin’ The Beatles Let it Be
Blackbird (live) Paul McCartney Good Evening NYC
Here, There & Everywhere (liv e) Paul McCartney MTV Unplugged
Happy with you Paul McCartn ey Egypt Station
Back in the USSR The Beatles Beatles 67-70
Let it be The Beatles Let it be
Mulligan Stew with tdm
Hooray Hooray Taj Mahal and Ry Cooder Get on Board
Real Real Gone Van Morrison and Michael Buble Duets
634-5789 Wilson Pickett Rhino High Five
Didn’t it Rain Amy Helm Didn’t it Rain
Didn’t it Rain Jim Byrnes House of Refuge
Who’ll stop the rain CCR Best of send requests to
sound of sunshine michael franti and spearhead Sound of Sunshine
Joyful Strut The Snowmen – Corey Wong Joyful Strut


EP 112 | Jim Cuddy and Barney Bentall on Fathers Day- Encore Presentation


This Fathers Day gathering took place June 2020. It was so informative and fun that we decided to repeat it this year. Yes there’s talk about lockdown but what that chat reveals is the joy both guys found in “watching the seasons change” and that included their children growing up. They have a revealing discussion between themselves about their children following in their footsteps and the mine field of giving those children advice.

It still rings true.

Welcome to The Mulligan Stew Podcast. Encore  Presentation 

OK. Its Fathers Day weekend.

It’s also Summer Solstice

I always hear a phrase…. “I’m in the family business”

Now, that works if your family are Store Owners, or Office Workers, Doctors. Nurses. Teachers. Farmers etc.

We have two guests today who are friends and fathers.

Jim Cuddy from Blue Rodeo and The Jim Cuddy Band.

Barney Bentall. Leader of Cariboo Express. High Bar Gang. BYU and his own solo career.


How has the family dynamic changed when their sons and daughters follow them in the music business.

Share the stage. Maybe even write songs together. (maybe being the key word)

And how do family members like being the subject of songs they hear on the radio?

I was excited to get these two pals together and exchange life experiences.

Saturday June 18 Barney plays  the Beaumont Blues & Roots Fest.  New album Cosmic Dreamer

Jim and Blue Rodeo play the PNE  Aug 21

We connected on Zoom and you can find the complete conversation below:

EP 211 | Joe Keithley-Hardcore Politics


Guest is a long-time friend Joe Keithley (also known by his D.O.A hardcore punk stage name Joe Shithead)

One of the very few punk artists who didn’t bring their stage characters into their real world.

Joe on stage was wild, pissed off, and very much in your face.

Off stage, he was just a great guy from Burnaby. A regular Joe.

Joe founded D.O.A

Founded Sudden Death Records

Rock Against Racism

Harmony for all – gathering used instruments for Burnaby residents who don’t have access to them.

D.O.A is celebrating the 40th anniversary of their LP Hardcore 81

And Director Scott Crawford is shooting a documentary on Joe and DOA called Something Better Change (named after DOA’s first album)

He’s already shot and released  Creem: America’s only rock and roll magazine and Salad Days. Both were outstanding.

Many of Joe’s former bandmates are long gone but he’s continued to grow and learn to such an extent that he’s now a twice-elected Burnaby City Councillor and  Joe’s just gearing up for another run for office. Knocking on doors is his specialty.

I think he mentions 13,000 during one campaign.

Here’s the best part – he’s still making music with DOA..getting in a tour of Ontario, Quebec, and BC’s interior before the election.

To quote Dan Aykroyd “ is it a floor wax or a shampoo”

Can a guy be a hard-core punker and a politician???

Yes.. yes you can. If you’re Joe Keithley.

Mulligan Stew June 11th 2022- A Special Stew-From The CKUA Boardroom for Brad and Henry


Brad Cowburn was a member of the CKUA board.

January he was diagnosed with cancer. February he passed away. A number of his friends and family donated towards an hour to honor Brad’s memory.

In his obituary, his wife Lorene wrote that in Brad’s memory donations could be made to CKUA radio.

Brad posted on Facebook that he wanted consideration of three songs. (for Lorene)

Charlie Parker loves me Marc Jordan

Blue Alert Madeleine Peyroux

My one and only love  Chris Botti & Paula Cole

I added

I got a feeling – Norah Jones

A song for you – Ray Charles.

Another board member Bruce McFarlane (and Janice Heard) donated the second hour.

They’ll be just finishing a tour of Scotland (whisky, golf, hiking, etc) and listening in Glasgow.

They asked for two songs.

Beautiful Boy  John Lennon for their new Grandson Henry

And John Mellencamp’s  Jack and Diane (Play that and dedicate it to “all those who are still living their lives with no holds barred and are thrilled by it”

OH..and I get the Festival Radio bug…and play artists from

North Country Fair

Beaumont Blues and Roots


Calgary Folk Festival

We celebrate the birthday of Chester Burnett (Howlin’ Wolf)

2 Ray Charles songs – honoring Ray, who passed away June 10, 2004

Steely Dan/James Taylor/Sting/Norah Jones/Tedeschi Trucks Band/Whitehorse/Larkin Poe/Little Feat/ Amy Helm/ Bruno Mars and we finish with a salute to Frank Beard Drummer for ZZ Top celebrating his birthday Saturday Im Bad Im nationwide..


Mulligan Stew June 11 2022
This is The Stew – Playlist at Let’s have some Saturday night music
Set them Free (live) Sting Mandela 70th Birthday ay Wembley
I’m a man (live) Steve Winwood Greatest Hits Live
How sweet it is (Live) James Taylor Live
Peg (live) Steely Dan North East Corridor www.river-café.com
Charlie Parker loves me Marc Jordan This is how men cry
Blue Alert Madeline Peyroux Half the perfect World
One and only you Chris Botti – Paula Cole To Love Again
I got a Feelin’ (live) Norah Jones Live at Empire State Building
A song for you Ray Charles Great Genius Coming up – Howling Wolf. Wood Bros. John Lennon
ooh la la Steve Dawson Gone. Real Gone
Fall in Tedeschi Trucks Band I am The Moon
This is The Stew – Playlist at NEXT – Mellencamp, Bruno Mars.Whitehorse ZZTop. Larkin Poe
Highway 49 Howlin’ Wolf London Howlin Wolf Sessions
Forty Four – How many more years Little Feat Little Feat
Ophelia (live) The Wood bros. Live at The Barn
Mercy Petunia and the Vipers Petunia and the Vipers Next – The Johns: Lennon and Mellencamp
Beautiful Boy John lennon Double Fantasy
Jack and Diane John Mellencamp Greatest Hits
Welcome to The Stew
You are my sunshine Ray Charles Modern sounds in Country and Western music Two
Loves train Bruno Mars. Anderson Paak . Silk Sonic Silk Sonic
breathing Amy Helm What the flood left behind
send requests to
Summer Wine Whitehorse single
Sometimes Larkin Poe Venom and Faith
Thanks for listening – stay safe out there
Willing Little Feat Little Feat
I’m Bad. I’m Nationwide ZZ Top Deguello

EP 210 | Susan Tedeschi-Tedeschi Trucks Band- New album I Am The Moon


Susan Tedeschi co-partner with  Derek Trucks in life and music is our guest this week.

Tedeschi Trucks Band has created “one of those albums” that will become the standard by which all other such albums are created.

It’s an amazing story and we are thrilled to have Susan  share it with us .  It’s our complete 30-minute interview – with the tracks from the first album.

The concept behind I Am The Moon, the GRAMMY-winning band’s fifth studio recording, was suggested by TTB vocalist Mike Mattison in May 2020, two months after the band was forced off the road by the pandemic.

The 12th-century poem Layla & Majnun by Persian poet, Nizami Ganjavi, was the title inspiration for Eric Clapton’s 1970 double-LP with Derek and the Dominos, Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs – an influential album for Tedeschi Trucks Band .  Interestingly,  Ganjavi’s source material resonated with Mattison and the rest of the band in an altogether different way. Finding complex themes and storylines that inspired their creative process, they forged a new, modern interpretation of the vast 100-page poem.

I Am The Moon was written collectively and collaboratively, with band members contributing their own unique perspectives on the work. By January 2021 the band was recording at Tedeschi and Trucks’ home studio, Swamp Raga, in Jacksonville, FL, with Derek behind the soundboard as producer and long-time studio engineer, Bobby Tis, in charge of recording and mixing.

Operatic in scope, Tedeschi Trucks Band explores romantic relationships, collective struggle, faith, and the human experience on I Am The Moon.

“It’s amazing,” Trucks says, “because we wrote most of this music in a pretty short time span. There are even chord changes that mirror other tunes on the albums – themes and variations, lyrical allusions, that pop back up.” He continues: “You always want to do something bigger and thematic. This is the first time it happened naturally.”


The decision to sequence and release I Am The Moon in four distinct episodes came “when we started thinking of records we love,” Derek  says, citing Axis: Bold as Love, the 1967 LP by the Jimi Hendrix Experience.

“It’s 36 minutes long. That’s the way to digest a record.”

With that approach in mind, TTB will also  present I Am The Moon: The Filmimmersive visual companions to each album. The corresponding films will debut three days prior to each audio release, offering fans an early opportunity to digest each album in its entirety as a communal listening and viewing experience via the band’s YouTube channel.


I Am The Moon: I. Crescent
Film Premiere: May 31
Album Release: June 3

I Am The Moon: II. Ascension
Film Premiere: June 28
Album Release: July 1

I Am The Moon: III. The Fall
Film Premiere: July 26
Album Release: July 29

I Am The Moon: IV. Farewell
Film Premiere: August 23
Album Release: August 26

I Am The Moon – All Vinyl Configurations: individual LPs + the 4-LP Deluxe Box available September 9.

Tedeschi Trucks Band tour:
June 24 – Jacksonville, FL – Daily’s Place Amphitheater
June 25 – Mobile, AL – Mobile Civic Center
June 26 – Tuscaloosa, AL – Tuscaloosa Amphitheater
June 28 – Indianapolis, IN – The Amphitheater at White River State Park
June 29 – Detroit, MI – Fox Theatre
July 1 – Canandaigua, NY – Constellation Brands – Marvin Sands Performing Arts Center
July 2 – Gilford, NH – Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion
July 3 – Saratoga Springs, NY – Saratoga Performing Arts Center
July 6 – New Haven, CT – Westville Music Bowl
July 8 – Philadelphia, PA – The Mann Center
July 9 – Essex Junction, VT – Midway Lawn at Champlain Valley Expo
July 10 – Patchogue, NY – Great South Bay Music Festival
July 12 – Lewiston, NY – ArtPark
July 13 – Cincinnati, OH – PNC Pavilion at Riverbend
July 15 – 16 – Atlanta, GA – Fox Theatre
July 19 – Vienna, VA – Wolf Trap
July 20 – Richmond, VA – Virginia Credit Union LIVE!
July 21 – Raleigh, NC – Coastal Credit Union Music Park
July 23 – Charlotte, NC – PNC Music Pavilion
July 24 – Huber Heights, OH – Rose Music Center at The Heights
July 26 – Aurora, IL – RiverEdge Park
July 27 – St. Louis, MO – Fabulous Fox Theatre
July 29 – 30 – Morrison, CO – Red Rocks Amphitheatre
August 18 – San Diego, CA – Cal Coast Credit Union Amphitheater
August 19 – Los Angeles, CA – The Greek Theatre
August 20 – Berkeley, CA – The Greek Theatre
August 23 – Sacramento, CA – Sacramento Memorial Auditorium
August 24 – Eugene, OR – Cuthbert Amphitheater
August 26 – Auburn, WA – White River Amphitheater
August 27 – Bend, OR – Hayden Homes Amphitheater
August 28 – Reno, NV – Grand Sierra Resort & Casino
August 31 – Boise, ID – Outlaw Field at the Idaho Botanical Garden
September 1 – Bonner, MT – Kettlehouse Amphitheater
September 3  – Moorhead, MN – Bluestem Center for the Arts Amphitheater
October 17 – Copenhagen, DK – Amager Bio
October 18 – Copenhagen, DK – Amager Bio
October 20 – Randers, DK – Vaerket
October 21 – Oslo, NO – Sentrum Scene
October 22 – Stockholm, SE – Cirkus
October 25  – Berlin, DE – Verti Music Hall
October 26 – Hamburg, DE – Arena
October 27 – Prague, CZ – Forum Karlin
October 30 – Rotterdam, NL – RTM Stage
November 2 – Dublin, IE – The Helix
November 4 – London, UK – The London Palladium
November 5 – London, UK – The London Palladium
November 6 – London, UK – The London Palladium
November 9 – Manchester, UK – Manchester Academy
November 10 – Glasgow, UK – O2 Academy Glasgow
November 12 – Paris, FR – Le Trianon
November 13 – Paris, FR – Le Trianon
November 15 – Paris, FR – Bataclan

Mulligan Stew June 4th 2022- Very special guest – Susan Tedeschi with I am the Moon


This Friday

I am the Moon 1 – Crescent.  (Five amazing tracks)

The other albums  release on Canada Day/July 29/August 26th

24 tracks – 2 hours of music. All new songs.


Based on the 1188  Nazami Ganjavi poem Layla and Majnun.

The very same poem that inspired Eric Clapton to write Layla and other assorted love stories.

Interesting fact – The Derek and the Dominos album came out Nov 9, 1970.

The very same day Susan Tedeschi was born.

Derek Trucks got his name from the band,.

Duane Allman played guitar on the same album.


The songs are huge..the last track on Crescent is a 12-minute instrumental.

Called Pashquan   (follow THAT story)


Susan Tedeschi will be our guest this Saturday – the day after the album is released.  We will play all five tracks as part of the interview.


The complete interview will follow on Mulligan Stew Podcast




The Stew – Year 26 Very special guest – Susan Tedeschi with I am the Moon 1: Crescent
Wasted Days and Wasted Nights (live in Austin) Texas Tornados Live in Austin
Sailing shoes Sass Jordan Bitches Blues
Falling apart (Right Now) Wilco single
Times like these (acoustic) Foo Fighters 000 20225
Pig Meat Man Lyle Lovett 12th of June
Coming – Susan Tedeschi – Tedeschi Trucks Band Brings 1st of 4 albums this Summer called I am the Moon. In Hour 2
Pain in my heart Toots and the Maytals Light your life
Let it be (live) Norah Jones Single-Live from roof of Empire State Building Saluting The Beatles Very special guest – Susan Tedeschi with I am the Moon 1: Crescent
Too much monkey business Bruce Hornsby flicted
Fire on the Bayou Neville Brothers Fiyo on the Bayou Hour Two features I am the Moon. Interview with Susan Tedeschi
you gonna makes me lonsesome when you go Barney Bentall (with Valentino Trapini) Cosmic Dreamer
Stay The Bros. Landreth Come Morning
Who do you love (live) The Band (with Ronnie Hawkins) The Last Waltz
Here I’m is The Duke Robillard Band They called it Rhythm and Blues
NEXT – Susan Tedeschi (Tedeschi Trucks Band) Brings 1st of 4 albums. Based on Layla and 12th Century Poem
Layla (Live) Eric Clapton One more Car. One More Rider
Susan Tedeschi Interview The Album I am the Moon :1 – Crescent
Hear my Dear Tedeschi Trucks Band I am the Moon 1: Crescent
Susan Tedeschi Interview complete interview and tracks on Mulligan Stew Podcast details
Fall in Tedeschi Trucks Band I am the Moon 1: Crescent
Susan Tedeschi Interview complete interview and tracks on Mulligan Stew Podcast Subscribe or Like
I am the Moon Tedeschi Trucks Band I am the Moon 1: Crescent
Susan Tedeschi Interview complete interview and tracks Subscribe or Like at Mulligan Stew Podcast details
Circles around The Sun Tedeschi Trucks Band I am the Moon 1: Crescent
Susan Tedeschi Interview complete interview Subscribe or Like at Mulligan Stew Podcast
Pasaquan Tedeschi Trucks Band I am the Moon 1: Crescent


EP 209 | Ariel Posen


Ariel Posen is the guest.

I’ve spent a lot of time attempting to describe who he is and what he does.

-Winnipeg born now Montreal. Became the go-to guy for guitar work. ..precise vocal harmonies – and very interesting songs.

I still can’t explain what he does with the guitar, that is until you hear him play.  WOW.

He came to prominence with The Bros. Landreth then went solo.

Latest EP is Downtown. Releases Mid July but we have several tracks for you.

Anyway. Because I can’t do the man and his playing justice I’ll leave you with some quotes from his last tour in the UK 2020.

Possibly the best guitar solo I’ve heard in 12 years of owning a music venue! Keep Watching!

2,420,174 views Feb 5, 2020, Canadian guitarist, singer, producer Ariel Posen played at Fat Lil’s in Witney, UK on Tuesday 4th February 2020. I knew he’d be good because he used to be in Brothers Landreth, but didn’t expect to hear this incredible, dynamic solo. Combining slide techniques, finger picking, dissonance and a fuzz tone to die for. It builds and builds. I was totally blown away! And I think it is possibly the best (to my taste) I’ve heard in all the years of owning the club

I’ve been playing guitar for 15 years and not once have I ever played one of those notes. What a pro.

This kind of style is the future of rock. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good ole CCR riff. However, today’s scene can barely keep up with consistently putting out new and original content. These are the kinds of brave and avant-garde performances that will be shaping the guitarists of tomorrow. This dude HAS IT

That’s a modern-day Jimi Hendrix experience right there! Thanks for sharing

Mulligan Stew May 28th 2022 – Special Guest – Ariel Posen


How is it possible that he sings and plays with the cool of Chet Baker and the fire of Miles?
Not just a string bender but he brings
Amazing Song construction
Grew up in a Winnipeg household where music was everything
Parents lead a Klezmer band.
Became the go-to guitar and harmony guy.
I Discovered Ariel in the @CKUA tent at Edmonton folk fest with Bros. Landreth.
Now fully into a solo career that’s taken him to new audiences all over Europe and the US.
New EP Downtown is still 2 months away but the singles are driving the buzz right now. (Have a listen to  his funky one-off with Corey Wong – Spare Tire)

In other words – check out Ariel Posen. Fully formed and ready.

The Complete interview on Mulligan Stew Podcast and the video version on our You Tube Channel (terrydavidmulligan)

Playlist includes
New Norah Jones/Frazey/Corb/Taj & Ry/Willie/The Stones/Bonnie/Waterboys/Mavis & Levon
Plus a 22-minute set that attempts to tie together,  through musical influences…
Bob Dylan- The Beatles – Pink Floyd – Procol Harum.

Many Thanks
Mill Bay Mully



Mulligan Stew June 28 Special Guest – Ariel Posen
I got a feelin’ (live) Norah Jones Live at Empire State Building
The way you do the things you do (live) UB40 Best live performances
Have you ever loved a woman (live) Eric Clapton Live at The Filmore
Just like that Bonnie Raitt Just like that
Hitch Hikin’ Bruce Springsteen Western Stars
The times they are a changin’ Frazey Ford single www.river-café.com
Mr Tamborine Man Bob Dylan Bring it all back home
Day in the Life The Beatles Sgt Pepper
Money Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon
A Salty Dog Procol Harum A Salty Dog Coming Up – Corb – Taj – Ry
Age like wine Corb Lund Songs my friends wrote
Packing up. Ready to go Taj Mahal and Ry Cooder Get on Board
This is The Stew with TDMulligan
The Weight (live) Mavis Staples and Levon Helm Carry Me Home
Once were Brothers The Waterboys All Souls Hill
Band on the Run Wings Band on the Run
Get back (live) The Beatles Get Back Soundtrack – Performace on Roof
Lake Marie John Prine Lost Dogs and Mixed Blessings
With a little Help from my friends Willie Nelson A Beautiful Time
Crazy Mama (live) The Rolling Stones Live at the El Macombo
Made up Mind Bonnie Raitt Just like that NEXT – Ariel Posen
Ariel Posen Interview with TDMulligan
Downtown Ariel Posen Downtown EP
Ariel Posen Interview
Complete Interview – with tracks – on Mulligan Stew Podcast
Always saw coming Ariel Posen Downtown EP
Ariel Posen Interview
Complete Interview – with tracks – on Mulligan Stew Podcast
Heart by Heart Ariel Posen Headway