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January 14th, 2023 New Releases from Township 7 and Hester Creek


New Releases from Township 7 and Hester Creek



We have several friends on board this week.

Mary McDermott – Winemaker at Township 7 (Naramata and South  Langley)

Mary McDermott

Mark Hopley and Adair Scott – Winemaker (Hester Creek) and Executive Chef (Terrafina Restaurant – Golden Mile)

They bring with them tales of the 2022 vintage season and the resulting harvest. How can we forget the miserable Spring? Wet, foggy, windy, and with no sign of Sun. I kept hearing cautionary remarks that “if we don’t get Sun soon there will be no growing season”.

The Sun did show itself in a big way and the season turned out to be over the top. Depending on where you were growing.


Mary McDermott brings three of her new releases today


  • New winter releases
    • 2020 Provenance  Series Chardonnay SRP $25.97 (half in French Barriques and half in Stainless Steel) Rich. Intense. Vanilla/Peach/Spice
    • 2020 Provenance Series Cabernet Sauvignon SRP $33.97 2 vineyards. (French Oak. 1/3 new) ripe black fruit  and cherries, caramel.
    • 2020 Benchmark Series Pinot Noir SRP $41.97 Handpicked in OK Falls. (Neutral French Oak) Dark fruit and tannins. Earthy.

  • New for Township 7 in 2023 – planting more Pinot Noir at their South Langley vineyard for the popular Seven Stars sparkling wines.
  • new releases coming out – seven stars 2019 Polaris Blanc de Blancs, plus several others this spring and later this summer
  • new events coming up: Love is Blind Valentine’s weekend (Feb. 11 & 12th) at both South Langley and Naramata Bench wineries
    • blind wine tasting of four wines (choose from sparkling, all white or all red) includes charcuterie and sweets,
    • only $36.97/person, contact is  wine@township7.com for reservations or bookings available online shortly)



Mark Hopley Winemaker at Hester Creek Estate  (Golden Mile)

Adair Scott – Chef at Terrafina Restaurant at Hester Creek


Chef Adair Scott Hester Creek


Any opportunity I get to pair food and wine in an engaged conversation is a good day.

As Mark was taking us through the growing/vintage  season I had a thought to ask Chef Adair about how that same season affected his menu and recipe choices.

Many guests have talked about how the best pairing is if the grapes, fruit and vegetables are all grown in the same soil it’s a win/win.  Well,  these two artists get to pair like that every season.

As Mark took us through the wines, Chef paired his menu choices to create a seamless dining experience.

Winemaker Mark Hopley presented his next three releases

Mark Hopley Hester Creek

2021 Character Red. Handpicked Oliver fruit. A much-loved blend of Merlot, Syrah, Petit Verdot, and Malbec. There’s a unique Merlot clone in there as well, originally from Italy. (Thank you Joe) 8 months in American and French Oak. Blueberries, blackberries, white pepper, and sage on the nose.

Palate bursts in your mouth with a  blend of cherry, acidity, smoke, and vanilla.  Here’s the best part – priced under $20 (BC + taxes)


2020  Old Vines Merlot.  A Golden Mile Estate Exclusive. Handpicked, hand sorted, soaked on the skin for 3 days, aged 18 months in French barrels.

The result? On the nose cocoa, cherries, and plum. The palate combines dark fruit and cocoa. Layers of “everything”. Lots of tannin, acidity, and texture.$27.99(BC + taxes)

2020 Old Vine Cabernet Franc.  These over 50-year-old vines have established what they are and what they’ll produce. Those roots have grown deep in the Golden Mile soils which produce beautifully concentrated fruit.  Aged 8 months on mostly French Oak. Anise and ripe blackberry on the nose. The palate presents ripe blackberries, vanilla, toast, and a beautiful balance. All elements get a chance to shine. An amazing $27.99 (BC+ taxes)

My thanks to Mark and Chef. See you in the Spring.





The Five Bottle Bar

Eau Claire Distillery

Blue Grouse

Victoria Whisky Fest

Kimberly Hundertmark – New GM

At Okanagan Wine Festivals

January 7th, 2023-Q&A with new wine called….Q&A!


A Q&A with new wine called….Q&A



It’s a really great story.

Jason Priestley and I co-hosted/co-produced Hollywood and Vines TV for a number of years with our pal Producer Chad Oakes.

It was shown in over 90 countries via Travel Channel UK (London)

One of our Okanagan shoots was seen in Slovakia by winemaker Michael Mosny and his wife  Martina.

They liked what they saw and heard, came to Canada, checked out the Okanagan Valley, and loved it.

They said goodbye to their friends in Europe, moved to Oliver, and started a winery,  a very successful label called Winemakers Cut.

Several years later I’m doing interviews for Tasting Room Radio in Victoria.  I was impressed with a new winery that had seemingly appeared overnight and could be found in most wine stores and restaurant wine lists. I introduced myself to Michal at the Winemaker’s Cut table and he said

“you have no idea why I’m here, do you?”

To my amazement, Michal told me the whole story of how Winemakers Cut ended up on that table in front of him.

We became good friends.

Several years later Michal suggested we make a wine together – to celebrate.  He happened to have the makings of a Bordeaux-inspired blend sitting on oak in his cellar. I asked Jason and he loved the idea. We came up with the name Q&A and things started to roll from there. Well, here we are..


Jason and I have stepped into the world of wine.

The difference is, we’re not consumers. We’re partners with winemaker Michal and Winemakers Cut in Oliver BC

Jason for several years had been an investor in Black Hills Winery, the maker of the iconic Nota Bene.

After the sale of Black Hills, I continued to search for exceptional terroir capable of producing a peerless Bordeaux-style blend. Throughout this journey, I merged paths with Terry and then Michal. Together, we questioned what we already know, over and over again,” said Priestley“After looking everywhere, all roads lead to one answer and the answer is once again in the Okanagan. This time, the difference is in the details, with a focus on elegance and finesse.”

Q&A “I heard about Canadian wine for the first time from Terry and Jason’s international television show, Hollywood and Vines TV, and it quickly became my passion  They are the reason why I decided to move here with my wife in 2012 and make wines in the Okanagan Valley.”   Slovakian-Canadian Michal Mosny is the proprietor of Winemaker’s CUT, an acclaimed winery based in the District Wine Village in Oliver, BC.


Q&A started rolling out in November of 2022. It’s just now beginning to show up on select wine store shelves and restaurant wine lists.

Check out qa.wine for more information

It’s a Bordeaux-inspired blend ..

45% Cabernet Sauvignon

38% Merlot

13% Cabernet Franc

4% Petit Verdot

100% Yummy!

Here’s the first Q&A gabfest on Tasting Room Radio

The complete Zoom interview can be heard on Mulligan Stew Podcast and the video on terrydavidmulligan YouTube Channel





Jackson Family buy another Cowichan Winery (Blue Grouse)

Hester Creek Releases

JPCustoms new releases

Eau Claire Single Malt Whisky 006

Winemakers Cut New Releases

Five Bottle Bar –  Book by Jessica Schacht

Township 7 – New Releases



December 31st, 2022 The Last Wine List from Wine Diva: Top 50 –  91 Points or better


Proudly Sponsored by Harbour Air

The Last 2022 Wine List from Wine Diva: Top 50 –  91 Points or better



This End of the Year Special started like many ideas do.  Over a glass of wine.

I was tasting wines  in preparation  for a winemaker interview.

My thought was “let’s do an end of the year “best of” wine special.

My very next thought was “ this calls for the Wine Diva”

I taste 100’s of wines a year.

Daenna Van Mulligan – The Wine Diva tastes 1000’s a year.



So off I went in search of Deanna and her tasting notes and memories of 2022.

I’m so thankful I found her and she agreed to look back at the wine year.

All three weeks can be found  on Tasting Room Radio at www.mulliganstew.ca

Here’s how it all rolled out…


Daenna and Jace    (Google Jace’s Journey)


Dec 17th

Gift Bottles

Sparkling Wines


Dec 24   (Christmas Eve)

The Top 100 – Under $20 and 88 points or better.


Dec 31  (New Years Eve)

Top 50 Wines of 2022 – 93 points or better:

Wine List _top 50 93 pts or better Wine Reviews & Tasting Notes from WineDiva


Once again, we can’t talk about every wine listed on the Top 50  but we certainly tried.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! – See you in 2023


Yalumba ‘The Tri-Centenary’ Grenache, Basrossa Valley, Australia $85.00
Monte del Fra Amarone della Valpolicella Classico ‘Lena di Mezzo’, Valpolicella, Veneto $47.99
Painted Rock Syrah, Skaha Bench, Okanagan Valley BC $52.99
Sperling Vineyards Old Vines Riesling, Okanagan Valley BC $35.00
Culmina Family Estate Winery ‘Susser No.18’ Riesling, Okanagan Valley BC N/A
Township 7 Vineyards & Winery ”Benchmark Series’ Gewurztraminer, Okanagan Valley BC $30.00
Hester Creek Viognier, Okanagan Valley, BC N/A
Liquidity Wines Reserve Pinot Noir, Okanagan Falls, BC N/A
UpperCase Winery Chardonnay, British Columbia N/A
Falernia Pinot Noir Gran Reserva Single Vineyard Aaron, Elqui Valley Chile $26.00
SpearHead Pinot Noir ‘Golden Retreat Vineyard’, Okanagan Valley BC N/A
Winemaker’s Cut ‘Bohemian’ Petit Verdot, Okanagan Valley, BC N/A
Ricasoli ‘Castello di Brolio’ Chianti Classico Gran Selezione, Tuscany, Italy $75.00
Castello di Ama San Lorenzo Chianti Classico Gran Selezione, Siena, Tuscany, Italy $64.99
Moon Curser ‘Contraband’ Syrah, Okanagan Valley BC $40.00
Gold Hill Syrah, Okanagan Valley, BC N/A
Clos du Soleil ‘Signature’, Similkameen Valley, British Columbia $60.00
Cantina Tollo’ MO’ Riserva, Montepulciano d’Abruzzo $24.99
Red Horses Vineyard Estate Reserve Cabernet Sauvgnon, Okanagan Valley, BC N/A
Lunessence Winery & Vineyard Estate Riesling, Okagan Valley, BC N/A
CVNE ‘Cune’ Gran Reserva, Rioja, Spain $50.00
Nederburg ‘Heritage Heros The Anchorman’ Old Vine Chenin Blanc, South Africa $25.00
Gemtree ‘Dragon’s Blood’ Shiraz, McLaren Vale, South Australia $30.00
Yalumba ‘The Virgilius’ Viognier, Eden Valley, South Australia $70.00
Fort Berens Estate Winery Pinot Noir, British Columbia $35.00
Vina Chocalan Gran Reserva ‘Origen’ Carmenere, Maipo Valley, Chile $26.00
Vina Cobos ‘Bramare’ Malbec, Lujam de Cuyo, Mendoza, Argentina $45.00
Catena ‘High Mountain Vines’ Malbec, Mendoza Argentina $24.99
Burrowing Owl Estate Winery Cabernet Franc, Okanagan Valley BC $36.00
Phantom Creek Estates Kobau Vineyard Cuvee No.15, Golden Mile Bench, Okanagan Valley, BC N/A
Rust Wine Co. Syrah Lazy River Vineyard, Similkameen Valley, BC N/A
Domaine Zind Humbrecht ‘Clos Hauserer’ Riesling, Alsace, France $100.00
Stag’s Hollow Limited Edition No.05 ‘Cachet’, Okanagan Valley, BC N/A
Meyer Family Vineyards Pinot Noir, McLean Creek Road Vineyard, Okanagan Valley BC $36.00
Lakeside Cellars Cabernet Franc, Okanagan Valley BC N/A
Pentage Winery ‘GSM’, Skaha Lake, Okanagan Valley, BC N/A

Stories we’re working on:


Jackson Family buy another Cowichan Winery (Blue Grouse)

Q&A Bordeaux Blend is released

Hester Creek

JPCustoms new releases

Eau Claire Single Malt Whisky 006

Winemakers Cut New Releases


December 24th, 2022 The Wine Diva has delivered another End-of-the-Year Wine List.


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2022 Top 100 Wines under $20

And 88 Points or Better



17,732 Christmas Wine Illustrations & Clip Art - iStock

As promised Daenna van Mulligen – The Wine Diva has delivered another End-of-the-Year Wine List.

I like this one a lot.. Keep in mind Daenna tastes 1000’s of wines a year. That’s what makes these wines special.

All of these wines have been tasted, judged and found to be well made wines. All were $20 or Under and 88  points or better.


Daenna Van Mulligen


Bang for the buck.

Aside from being affordable, these  wines are all crafted with passion and skill.

We can’t go through all 100 but we’ll do our best.

Find all of the Wine Diva’s lists at www.winediva.ca

For a deeper dive check out


Here we GO:  


  •  Grow Wild ‘Rapturous Red’, Okanagan Valley, BC $16.99
  • Monte del Fra Bardolino DOC, Custoza, Verona Italy $17.99
  • Oops ‘Spicy Splendor’ Carmenere, Central Valley Chile $12.99
  • Gil Family Estates ‘Zagalin’ Monastrell, Jumilla, Spain $13.49
  • Petrichor Sauvignon Blanc, Okanagan Valley BC $19.99
  • Grow Wild ‘Enchanting White’ Okanagan Valley, BC $16.99
  • El Petit Bonhomme, Jumilla Spain $17.99 12. Chateau Dereszla Harslevelu, Tokaji, Hungary $20.00
  • Augey Merlot~Cabernet Sauvignon, Bordeaux, France $15.00
  • Crudo Nero d’Avola~Cabernet Sauvignon, Sicily, Italy $20.00
  • Fitzpatrick Family Vineyards ‘The Lookout’ Riesling, Okanagan Valley BC N/A
  • Santo Cristo Garnacha, Campo de Borja, Spain $17.00
  • Escorihuela ‘1884’ Estate Grown Malbec~Cabernet, Mendoza Argentina $19.99
  • Les Vignerons du Castelas Rose Rose, Rhone Valley, France $16.99
  • Les Vignerons du Castelas Cotes du Rhone Rose, Rhone Valley, France $20.00
  • Rupert Wines ‘Protea’ Dry Rose, Western Cape South Africa $15.99
  • Harper’s Trail ‘Pioneer Block’ Thadd Springs Vineyard Riesling, Thompson Valley, BC $20.00
  • Stag’s Hollow ‘Tragically Vidal’, Okanagan Valley, BC N/A
  • Nicosia Grillo, Terre Sicilane, Sicily, Italy $19.99
  • Bartier Bros. Rose, Okanagan Valley, BC $18.99
  • Gnarly Head Chardonnay, California $20.00
  • Undurraga ‘8 Rios’ Cabernet Sauvignon, Chile $12.99
  • Stag’s Hollow Syrah Rose, Okanagan Valley N/A
  • Quails’ Gate Dry Riesling, Okanagan Valley $19.99
  • Sperling Vineyards Pinot Noir Rose, Okanagan Valley BC N/A
  • Harper’s Trail Rose, British Columbia $20.00
  • Fort Berens Estate Winery Rose, Lillooet BC $20.00
  • Harper’s Trail ‘Field Blend White’, British Columbia N/A
  • Sasso dei Lupi ‘Sestavia’ Viognier~Chardonnay, Umbria $19.21
  • Cantine Leuci Primitivo, Salento, Puglia, Italy $19.99
  • Lakeside Cellars ‘Portage White’, Okanagan Valley BC N/A
  • Fort Berens Estate Winery Pinot Gris, British Columbia $20.00
  • Sandhill Sovereign Opal, Okanagan Valley, BC N/A
  • Sandhill Sauvignon Blanc, Okanagan Valley, BC N/A
  • Spier ‘Signature’ Merlot, Stellenbosch Western Cape, South Africa $13.99
  • Escorihuela ‘1884’ Estate Grown Syrah, Mendoza Argentina $17.99
  • Domaine De L’Olivette Rouge, Pays d’Oc, Southern France $17.99
  • Spier ‘Signature Collection’ Chenin Blanc, Stellenbosch South Africa $13.99
  • Luigi Bosca ‘La Linda Private Selection’ Old Vines Malbec, Mendoza Argentina $19.99
  • Gray Monk Pinot Gris, Okanagan Valley BC $19.99
  • Terranoble Pinot Noir, Casablanca Valley, Chile $18.99
  • Gray Monk Rose, Okanagan Valley, BC N/A
  • Quails’ Gate Rose, Okanagan Valley BC $20.00
  • Pere Ventura Primer Reserva Brut Cava, Penedes, Spain $20.00
  • Pere Ventura ‘Chic’ Barcelona Brut, Penedes Spain $18.00
  • Rupert Wines ‘Protea’ Chenin Blanc, Western Cape South Africa $14.49
  • Falernia Carmenere Reserve Single Vineyard Pedriscal, Elqui Valley Chile $19.99
  • Grand May Grenache & Cinsault Rose, France $14.00
  • Falernia ‘Gran Reserva’ Syrah, Elqui Valley Chile $19.99
  • Vina Chocalan Sauvignon Blanc Reserva, Maipo Valley, Chile $15.99
  • Vina Chocalan Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva, Maipo Valley, Chile $17.99
  • El Petit Bonhomme Blanco, Rueda Spain $17.99
  • Pascual Toso ‘Limited Edition’ Malbec, Mendoza Argentina $20.00
  • Bottega ‘Il Vino dei Poeti’ Prosecco Rose Brut, Italy $19.99
  • Luigi Bosca Malbec, Mendoza Argentina $24.99
  • Zorzal ‘Terroir Unico’ Malbec, Tupungato Valley, Mendoza, Argentina $19.99
  • Finca Sophenia ‘Altosur Red Blend’ Gualtallary, Uco Valley, Mendoza, Argentina $18.99
  • Finca Los Moras Barrel Select Tannat Reserve, San Juan Argentina $16.99
  • De Bortoli ’17 Trees’ Shiraz, Australia $19.99
  • Hester Creek Pinot Gris~Viognier, Okanagan Valley BC $17.00
  • Hester Creek Cabernet Franc Rose, Okanagan Valley BC $20.00
  • Norton ‘Perdriel Series’ Cabernet Franc, Mendoza, Argentina $19.99
  • Yalumba ‘Y Series’ Viognier, South Australia $16.99
  • Yalumba ‘Organic’ Viognier, South Australia $20.00
  • Grow Wild ‘Ravishing Rose’ Okanagan Valley, BC $16.99
  • El Esteco ‘Blend de Extremos’ Cabernet~Cabernet, Argentina $19.00
  • Hester Creek Pinot Blanc, Golden Mile Bench, Okanagan Valley, BC $18.00
  • Seven Terraces Pinot Noir, Canterbury New Zealand $20.00
  • Two Tradesmen Cabernet Sauvignon, Paso Robles California $20.00
  • See Ya Later Ranch Gewurztraminer, Okanagan Valley, BC $17.99
  • O’Rourke’s Peak Cellars Gewurztraminer, Okanagan Valley, BC N/A
  • Two Tradesmen Red, Paso Robles California $20.00
  • Two Tradesmen Chardonnay, Central Coast California $18.00
  • See Ya Later Ranch Riesling, Okanagan BC $16.99
  • Seven Terraces Pinot Rose, Marlborough New Zealand $20.00
  • Seven Terraces Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough New Zealand $19.99
  • Pentage Winery Rose, Okanagan Valley BC N/A
  • Kono Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough, New Zealand $18.99
  • Bartier Bros. Gruner Veltliner Okanagan Valley, BC $17.99
  • Undurraga ‘Sibaris’ Gran Reserva Carmenere, Colchagua Valley Chile
  • Aldegheri Custosa “La Rune” Veneto Italy


Find all of Deanna Van Mulligen’s lists at www.winediva.ca

Thank you Daenna

Thank You Corey Wood

Thank you Meg Foster Mulligan

Thanks John DeVries

Thank you Duke

Thank you Damian and Dano


Merry Christmas Everyone.

Happy Holidays!





Wine Diva Top 50 Wines of 2022

Jackson Family buy another Cowichan Winery(Blue Grouse)

Q&A Bordeaux Blend is released

Hester Creek

JPCustoms new releases

Eau Claire Single Malt Whisky 006

Winemakers Cup New Releases




December 17th, 2022-THE WINE DIVA YEAR END LISTS –Wine Gifts and Sparkling Wine


THE WINE DIVA YEAR END LISTS – This Week. Wine Gifts and Sparkling Wine

Daenna van Mulligen

We are taking an epic journey to  The Wine Diva’s Palace.

Thing is – she lives in the basement.

It really belongs to Daenna van Mulligen who created the Wine Diva Web Site. www.winediva.ca and it’s partner site www.winescores.ca   Plus wrote the book Jace’s Journey

Daenna van Mulligen is an accredited sommelier, wine judge, wine writer and reviewer, public speaker and a long time friend.

Daenna tastes and makes amazing notes on 1000s  of wines  each year. When possible she travels to vineyards all over the World.  She writes stories and reviews for Vines , TASTE, Montecristo and Vitis Magazines.

We have been celebrating her Wine Diva  end of the year wine lists for at least 10 years. To experience all of her year end lists just go to


This year is going to be like a Wine Super Bowl.

Are you ready?

This week Daenna starts things off with two lists for 2022.


Special bottles that someone might not buy for themselves. Singular and expressive bottles that are perfect for a special occasion.

Christmas Wine Pictures | Download Free Images on Unsplash



  • Robin Ridge Gamay, Similkameen Valley BC
  • Monte Del Fra ‘Ca Del Magro DOC Custoza Superiore,Veneto Italy $24.99
  • Township 7 Vineyards & Winery ‘Benchmark Series’ Syrah, Okanagan Valley, BC N/A
  • Taylor Fladgate 20 Year Old Tawny Port, Duoro, Portugal $72.99
  • Painted Rock ‘Red Icon’, Skaha Bench, Okanagan Valley BC $80.00
  • Massimo Rivetti Family Farm ‘Aurelia’ Arneis, Langhe, Italy $26.99
  • Upper Case Winery Chardonnay, British Columbia N/A
  • Quails’ Gate ‘Stewart Family Reserve’ Chardonnay, Okanagan Valley $49.00
  • Clos du Soleil Fume Blanc, Okanagan Valley $22.00
  • SpearHead Pinot Noir ‘Saddle Block’, Okanagan Valley BC $40.00
  • Winemaker’s Cut ‘Bohemian’ Riesling, Okanagan Valley, BC N/A
  • Familia Zingarelli ‘Rocca della Macie’ Chianti Classico Riserva, Tuscany, Italy $30.00
  • Mazzei ‘Ser Lapo’ Chianti Classico Riserva, Tuscany, Italy $32.99
  • Ricasoli ‘Castello di Brolio’ Chianti Classico Gran Selezione, Tuscany, Italy $75.00
  • Hester Creek Semillon, Golden Mile Bench, Okanagan Valley, BC N/A
  • Bartier Bros. Grenache~Syrah~Mourvedre, Okanagan Valley BC $45.00
  • Lakeside Cellars Cabernet Franc, Golden Mile Bench, Okanagan Valley BC N/A
  • Gold Hill Syrah, Okanagan Valley, BC N/A
  • Domaine Gayrard Loin de L’oil, Gaillac, France $34.99
  • Barone di Valforte Montepulciano d’Abbruzzo, Italy $23.00
  • TerreLab by Gold Hill ‘Winemakers Series’ Tempranillo, Okanagan Valley, BC N/A
  • Stag’s Hollow Pinot Noir, Shuttleworth Creek Vineyard, Okanagan Falls, BC N/A
  • Clos du Soleil ‘Winemaker’s Series’ Middle Bench Vineyard Pinot Blanc, Similkameen Valley, BC N/A
  • Blue Mountain Vineyard and Cellars Estate Cuvee Chardonnay, Okangan Valley BC $30.00
  • Moon Curser Viognier Okanagan Valley BC $25.00
  • Township 7 Vineyards & Winery ‘NBO’, Okanagan Valley BC N/A
  • Lunessence Winery & Vineyard Estate Riesling, Okagan Valley, BC N/A
  • Lunessence Winery & Vineyard Estate Blanc de Noirs, Okagan Valley, BC N/A
  • CVNE ‘Cune’ Gran Reserva, Rioja, Spain $50.00
  • Bellingham ‘The Bernard Series’ Old Vine Chenin Blanc, Coastal Region South Africa $27.00
  • Umani Ronchi ‘Fonte del Re’ Lacrima di Morro d’Alba, Marche, Italy $20.99
  • Vina Cobos ‘Felino’ Malbec, Mendoza, Argentina $24.99
  • Bodega Y Vinedos Nicolas Catena ‘La Marchigiana’ Malbec, Mendoza Argentina $40.00
  • Burrowing Owl Estate Winery Cabernet Franc, Okanagan Valley BC $36.00
  • Phantom Creek Estates Becker Vineyard Cuvee No.27, Okanagan Valley, BC N/A
  • Rust Wine Co. Syrah Lazy River Vineyard, Similkameen Valley, BC N/A
  • Domaine Zind Humbrecht ‘Clos Hauserer’ Riesling, Alsace, France $100.00
  • Liquidity Wines Estate ‘Dividend’, Okanagan Valley, BC N/A
  • Peak Cellars ‘Broken Granite’ Gewurztraminer, Okanagan Valley, BC N/A
  • Kitsch Wines ‘5 Barrel’ Pinot Noir, Okanagan Valley, BC N/A
  • Culmina Family Winery ‘Unicus’, Gruner Veltliner, Golden Mile Bench, Okanagan Valley BC N/

  • Glorious Bubble

While bubbles are ubiquitous year-round, the Holidays are their season to shine. Here is the 2022 Sparkling list. From Prosecco to Cava

  • Noble Ridge Vineyard & Winery ‘The Pink One’, Okanagan Valley $40.00
  • Blue Mountain Vineyard and Cellars Gold Label Brut, Okanagan Valley BC $30.00
  • Blue Mountain Vineyard and Cellars Brut Rose, Okanagan Valley $45.00
  • Township 7 Vineyards and Winery ‘Seven Stars Equinox’, Okanagan Valley N/A
  • Township 7 Vineyards and Winery ‘Seven Stars Rigel’, Okanagan Valley N/A
  • Township 7 Vineyards and Winery ‘Vega, Okanagan Valley N/A
  • Noble Ridge Vineyard & Winery ‘The One’ Brut, Okanagan Valley N/A
  • Sperling ‘Speritz’ Pet Nat, Okanagan Valley BC N/A
  • Moon Curser Vineyards ‘Moonlit’, Okanagan Valley, BC $27.00
  • Bailly Lapierre Reserve Brut Cremant de Bourgogne, Burgundy, France $27.99
  • Hester Creek Estate Old Vine Brut, Golden Mile Bench, Okanagan Valley, BC N/A
  • Fitzpatrick Family Vineyards ‘Fitz’ Brut, Okanagan Valley BC $34.99
  • Fitzpatrick Family Vineyards ‘Fitz’ Blanc de Blancs, Okanagan Valley BC N/A
  • Hester Creek ‘Ti Amo’, Okanagan Valley, BC N/A
  • Blue Mountain Vineyard and Cellars Gold Label Brut, Okanagan Valley BC $30.00
  • Lunessence Winery & Vineyard Brut Riesling, Okagan Valley, BC N/A
  • Pere Ventura Primer Reserva Brut Cava, Penedes, Spain $20.00
  • Pere Ventura ‘Chic’ Barcelona Brut, Penedes Spain $18.00
  • Medici Ermete ‘Concerto’ Lambrusco Reggiano Frizzante, Emilia-Romagna, Italy $19.99
  • Medici Ermete ‘Phermento’ Lambrusco Frizzante, Emilia-Romagna, Italy $29.99
  • Bottega ‘Il Vino dei Poeti’ Prosecco Rose Brut, Italy $19.99




The Top 100

Under $20.00 and 88 points or better




The Top 50

91 Points or better

 The release of Q&A Wine

Hester Creek

Winemakers Cut

Eau Claire Single Malt Whisky Batch 006 



December 10th, 2022 Brad Royale – Kitten Swish . It’s for your Mouth


Brad Royale –  Sommelier and Micro-Negotiant. ( Kitten Swish, Tomato Wheels, latest crushing list)


 “Like the first bottles released in 2012, all are limited-production, with quirky names and labels derived from photos taken by Royale. There’s Call Me, a 2016 Zinfandel from the renowned Stuhlmuller vineyard in Sonoma, California; the label features a rotary phone.

… and Below the Surface, a 2013 Tempranillo from Rioja, Spain, which features a photo of entwined bodies and is a tribute to the unsung heroes behind every bottle: the growers, printers, graphic designers, shippers, importers. “It’s about all that effort that we forget about when we just grab a bottle off the shelf,” Royale says. “This is a tip of the hat toward what goes into making a great bottle of wine.”

Shelley Boettcher  •  Swerve/Calgary Herald

(Cab Franc-Here and Gone)



Brad Royale is Head Sommelier for the Concorde Calgary restaurant group with venues ranging from pinball bars, to bbq smokehouses to very fine dinning at  Model Milk,  Bridgette Bar,  to the restaurant  of the year, Major Tom.  Just this week he was part of the team that opened a new restaurant Barbarella.

Brad Royale

Kitten Swish

Brad started ‘Swish in 2012 as a micro-negotiant company.  He works with small quantities of wine from estate producers They make the wine,  Brad makes a blend from their stock,  the team bottles it at the winery under the Kitten Swish label. Brad has wine imported into BC and Alberta.


The most recent was Piquette with Rhys Pender MW from Little Farm but he has bottled wines from Hungary (with John Szabo MS), USA, Spain, Germany, France, and British Columbia ( hopes to make a wine from the island next year).  And has a hand in designing the label artwork.  www.kittenswish.com


Tomato Wheels

A brand new project with a partner based in Vancouver, Moirae Choquette.   She heard the Kitten Swish story on a podcast and reached out to  Brad to help her design her own label.  She wanted Lambrusco!  (Don’t we all)  Brad helped her find a fourth-generation vineyard in Emilia Romagna, Italy and the wine began it’s journey.

A brand new order of that Lambrusco is landing right now in Alberta. www.tomatowheels.com


 (Little Farm/Kitten Swish  Piquette)


Brad talks about his current  “been crushing”  list

 – Belargus Anju Blanc (bought the Jo Pithon estate and making hard  Chenin)

Marchesseau Bourguiel (been crushing Loire Valley a lot in general lately…wicked value)

Domaine Wachau Gruner Veltliner Kellerberg (available in BC to, sick stuff)

– Aubert Chardonnay (recent visit to Vegas my mission was to taste as much as possible…it’s good to have goals)


We cover a lot of ground over the course of this TRR – some of these wines will be harder to find or access from outside Alberta BUT they are well worth the seeking!!

Unlike anything else, you’ll see and taste in your local store.  Promise.




The Launch of Q&A wines.

Holiday Wine Gifts

Wine Diva List Time

Hester Creek

The Five Bottle Bar

December 3rd, 2022- Luke  Whittall – The Sipster’s Pocket Guide to 50 BC Wines


Luke  Whittall – The Sipster’s Pocket Guide to 50 Must-Try BC Wines

Proudly Sponsored by Harbour Air


Confession Time. I’m half  a year late in getting this story to you.

Then one day, not too long ago a book arrived. Quietly.  On  a Tuesday!

It was smaller than most because it’s a pocketbook. Meant to be carried in a shoulder bag, glove compartment or back pocket.

The author is Luke Whittall. His first books were Valleys of Wine: A Taste of British Columbia’s Wine History and The Okanagan Tour Guide with John Schreiner.


He’s currently a wine instructor at Okanagan College and is involved with a valley wine.

Personally, Luke continues his own wine training with WSET.

Luke Whittall author

The Sipster’s Guide will surprise you.

It contains none of the usual tasting notes,  growing season info,  cellar hacks or wine scores.

It speaks to all in a language they can understand. Without dumbing down the knowledge.

And pairing?

You can choose a wine to  match your attitude. From happy to herbal.  From rock star to romantic.

The front inside cover has 50 choices.

Luke’s writing is such a surprise. For example, he doesn’t just sip and spit…

After opening a bottle, Luke lets it breathe while he cooks dinner or lunch to match the wine. Smart!

It’s a great read and a perfect gift for giving.

To yourself and those wine fans around you.

Sipster’s Guide Vol 2 comes out in the Spring!!


Luke has started a podcast.

You can find him on line at







The Launch of Q&A wines.

Tony Stewart and Winemaker Jamie Dowell

Lake Sonoma and Plume

Holiday Wine Gifts

Wine Diva List Time

Hester Creek

November 26th, 2022-Meet the Makers


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Meet the Makers

Culmina & Laughing Stock



It was just another Friday morning when the happy invitation came in from the delightful  Lindsay Kelm.

Come celebrate the harvest season with Culmina Family Estate and Laughing Stock Vineyards.

Join Winemakers Jean-Marc Enixon and Sandy Leier for an elegant afternoon sampling their latest releases and chatting about the 2022 harvest. We also have a couple of special sneak peeks in store, including the unreleased 2020 vintage of Laughing Stock’s signature Portfolio, and 2017 vintage of Culmina’s flagship Bordeaux blend, Hypothesis


Sandy Leier–Winemaker Laughing Stock (Naramata)

Here’s what I knew. I hadn’t spoken to Sandy Leier for years. At the time she was working with the legend Howard Soon at Sandhill and Calona. In 2018, after 15 years as a great team,  she took over from the departing  Howard.  Then a series of projects with Andrew Peller, Gray Monk and Gretzky Wines. Then, this year, a major move to Senior Winemaker at Laughing Stock on the Naramata Bench.  It’s the home of seriously great wines including a Syrah that makes hearts flutter and their red blend Portfolio.  Sandy brings six wines to taste and discover.

(List below)


(tdm and Sandy Leier)

Jean-Marc Enixon – Culmina Winemaker – (Oliver)

(tdm and Jean-Marc)


Jean-Marc Enixon’s wine career took flight in Toulouse, France. JM gained international experience in Sonoma County, China, then  back to France at Chateau Puy Guilhem in  Saillans as senior winemaking director.

At the suggestion of his wife saying something to the effect of   “how about making some new world wine”

Jean-Marc joined the Culmina Team  as Vineyard Manager and Winemaker in 2016.  Today he pours 7 wines.

As good as he is, perhaps his greatest accomplishment is welcoming two new children to the family while in the Okanagan.

“they’re taking French and I’m taking English”

 Sandy, Jean-Marc and I  tasted and talked about Laughing Stock Vineyards.

2021 Viognier

2020 Chardonnay

2020 Pinot Noir

2019 Syrah (new release)

2019 Portofino (new release)

2020 Portofino (unreleased)


Culmina Family Estate Winery

2019 Decora

2021 Unicus

2018 Dilemma

2019 Malbec

2018 Cabernet Sauvignon

2016 Hypothesis

2017 Hypothesis (unreleased)







Hester Creek

Sipster’s Pocket Guide

Holiday wine gifts

(for you and maybe someone else)

The launch of Q&A Wine.

Tony Stewart and Winemaker Jaime Dowell  Lake Sonoma & Plume

Nov 19th, 2022 JAK Meyer & Meyer Family Vineyards release new Chardonnays  


Proudly Sponsored by Harbour Air

Our Guest is JAK Meyer Co-owner of Meyer Family Vineyard.

(just in time for Holiday Cheer weekend in OKFalls/Skaha Lake)

We’ve been nearly sold out of many of our current vintage Chardonnays for quite some time now, so with much anticipation, we’re pleased to release four single-vineyard Chards from the 2021 vintage.

While 2021 was a low-yielding vintage due to extreme summer temps, our winemaker Chris Carson believes that it could be one of the most flavourful in recent memory. We hope that you find something you love!”  Jak Meyer. MFV


When you contact Meyer Family Vineyards, what catches your eye is a list. Not just any list but a National Wine Awards list of the best Small Wineries of Canada. It goes like this –

Meyer family

Meyer Family Vineyards


#2 Small Winery in Canada 2021 at the National Wine Awards
#10 Small Winery in Canada 2019 at the National Wine Awards
#4 Small Winery in Canada 2018 at the National Wine Awards
#2 Small Winery in Canada 2017 at the National Wine Awards
#3 Small Winery in Canada 2016 at the National Wine Awards


That’s called consistency.  That’s also what they achieve with their chardonnays.  Congratulations to Winemaker Chris Carson and his entire team

Each and every year Meyer Family present award-winning Chardonnays that set standards for all of Canada.


JAK Meyer, the co-founder, and co-owner of Meyer Family Vineyards (with his wife Janice Stevens-Meyer) joins us to walk and talk us through their chardonnay.

TDM with JAK & Janice Meyer

Here’s the second list that caught my eye – Their current Chardonnay Releases.


2021 Okanagan Valley Chardonnay – 400 cases. $23 A blend of various locations and a great place to start your Meyer Chardonnay journey.

2021  Stevens Block Chardonnay – 230 cases. $28 Clones 4/5 from the fantastic Old Main Road Vineyard in Naramata  – Chablis style!  Clean!

2021 Anarchist Chardonnay Dekleva Clone – 175 cases. $35 Grown at 1700 ft. Unknown Original clone. A suitcase wine. Planted 1985. Some new oak.

2021 McLean Creek Chardonnay – 500 cases. $35 Outside their Tasting Room. Planted 1994. 11 months in barrel/22% new.

2021 Old Main Road  Chardonnay – 533 cases. $35 (formerly Tribute Series) Vines planted 26 years ago on Naramata Bench. 22% new Oak. Cellar 7-10 years.

2020 Micro Cuvee Chardonnay – 200 cases. $70 Best fruit. Best barrels. From McLean Creek Vineyards. 100% French Oak/40 New  Unfined. Coarse Filter. Cellar 8-10 yrs.

These delightful wines range from fabulous entry-level, Chablis clean, to lightly oaked and fully oaked classic Chardonnays.  Winners all!


This weekend The Wineries of OK Falls and Skaha Lake are celebrating Holiday Cheer!!

All 15 wineries will be welcoming visitors. Here’s what to expect at Meyer Family Vineyards and Mayhem


Meyer Family Vineyards

Our event will be ticketed-only, no drop-ins. Four food and wine pairing stations around the property. Tickets will be $30 and available on our website!

Mayhem Wines

Drop in, no appointment in the new tasting room. $10 tasting fee donated to SOWINS. Or bring an unwrapped toy for a child. The tasting includes ice cream and Fortified Gewurztraminer.


See the complete Holiday Cheer winery list at www.theheartofwinecountry.ca






Hester Creek

Culmina @Meet the Makers

Laughing Stock @Meet the Makers

Lake Sonoma and Plume

Holiday Wines for gifting and pouring


November 12th, 2022 Every Chef Needs a Farmer- Every Farmer Needs a Chef!  


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Every Chef Needs a Farmer   Every Farmer Needs a Chef!

 The SHOW  

We were invited to the third annual Chef/Farmer gathering.  This week at Church and State Winery in Central Saanich.

It was presented by Buy BC.

The entire concept was created by Lana Popham, Minister of Agriculture and Food. It’s a great fit because she WAS a farmer when the idea came to her. As Minister, she oversees the  Buy BC program.

It continues to highlight the many unique and engaging products coming from our own backyards. It’s a direct link between consumers and the creators behind each and every label.

(Lana Popham)

Our pal Chef Ned Bell is the chef ambassador for Buy BC.  As long as I’ve known Ned, he’s always been pushing the boundaries between Kitchens and Farmers.  There’s nothing he likes more than uniting and collaborating with other chefs, fishers, farmers, and influencers. The man is a game-changer.

If you’ve ever dined at his Naramata Inn, you’ll know that he’s also one of our very best chefs. His panel was titled – The Future of Food; Sustainable, Indigenous, Farmed, and Wild.

(Ned Bell and TDM)


NOTE:  We couldn’t possibly interview all the Farmers. I think there were over 20 in the room but we will reconnect and do stories on many of them – over the Winter.

Our Special Guests this week are:

 Robert BelchamChef’s Table Society. Chef and Owner Popina

Shawn Dirksen – Owner Northstar Organics. His panel was Selling Food to Our City. Small-Scale Diversified Organic Farming.

Jared Qwustenuxun Williams – Indigenous Foods Chef, Writer, and Storyteller

(Jared Qwustenuxun Williams)

Ian Tostenson – President and CEO, BC Restaurant and Food Services Assn

Ian Tostenson and Terry

Michael Verbrugge and Victoria Lake  – Canadian Seafood Processing

Chef Ned Bell – Naramata Inn

Lana Popham – Minister of Agriculture and Food







Meyer Family Chardonnay

Hester Creek

Winemakers Cut

What’s Brad Royal up to?