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June 25th, 2022 – Our yearly Pinot Noir Geek Out!

Our yearly Pinot Noir Geek Out – with  15 top experts and a  Pinot  Blind Tasting! THE SHOW  Bordeaux is made by man, Pinot Noir by God. Pinot Noir may not be the most planted grape in the World but no other varietal even comes close to the dialogue that takes place between winemakers and...

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MulliganStew June 18th 2022- Happy 80th Birthday Paul McCartney!

It’s 1968..I’m in London for the opening of the Apple Store and Company. Sgt Pepper has just been released. I have a night off and it’s suggested I check out a band at a great small club called Bag O Nails. The band was great (power trio.,. Sorry can’t remember the name) BUT also very...

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June 18th, 2022 – Wine Growers of BC: 2021 Vintage Preview

THE SHOW    Every year is a growing year for the wine farmers and winemakers. And because farmers are dealing with the whims of the planet..all bets are off until the harvest is in. Heat, frost, hail, insects,  wind, smoke, leaf infestation, drought, floods etc  all either assist the vineyards or shut the whole growing process...

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EP 112 | Jim Cuddy and Barney Bentall on Fathers Day- Encore Presentation

This Fathers Day gathering took place June 2020. It was so informative and fun that we decided to repeat it this year. Yes there’s talk about lockdown but what that chat reveals is the joy both guys found in “watching the seasons change” and that included their children growing up. They have a revealing discussion...

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EP 211 | Joe Keithley-Hardcore Politics

Guest is a long-time friend Joe Keithley (also known by his D.O.A hardcore punk stage name Joe Shithead) One of the very few punk artists who didn’t bring their stage characters into their real world. Joe on stage was wild, pissed off, and very much in your face. Off stage, he was just a great...

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Mulligan Stew June 11th 2022- A Special Stew-From The CKUA Boardroom for Brad and Henry

Brad Cowburn was a member of the CKUA board. January he was diagnosed with cancer. February he passed away. A number of his friends and family donated towards an hour to honor Brad’s memory. In his obituary, his wife Lorene wrote that in Brad’s memory donations could be made to CKUA radio. Brad posted on Facebook that...

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June 11th, 2022- Van Wine Fest Part Two  (plus 2 very special guests)

Van Wine Fest Part Two  (plus 2 very special guests) THE SHOW Walking into the Vancouver Wine Festival at the Convention Centre, as an interviewer,  is like working the field at an All-Star Game. Familiar wine star faces and voices are everywhere. I think I did a dozen interviews and these are the last three. ...

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EP 210 | Susan Tedeschi-Tedeschi Trucks Band- New album I Am The Moon

Susan Tedeschi co-partner with  Derek Trucks in life and music is our guest this week. Tedeschi Trucks Band has created “one of those albums” that will become the standard by which all other such albums are created. It’s an amazing story and we are thrilled to have Susan  share it with us .  It’s our complete...

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