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June 25th, 2022 – Our yearly Pinot Noir Geek Out!

Our yearly Pinot Noir Geek Out – with  15 top experts and a  Pinot  Blind Tasting! THE SHOW  Bordeaux is made by man, Pinot Noir by God. Pinot Noir may not be the most planted grape in the World but no other varietal even...


Mulligan Stew Podcast-Weekly

EP 145 | Buffy Saint-Marie Turns 80-REPEAT!

Last Saturday Singer/Songwriter, Educator, Social Activist, Mother, and leader Buffy Saint-Marie celebrated her 80th Birthday.   She had some cake she made the night before and called us from her home in Hawaii. This is the complete interview  (Keep your ears open for chickens and...


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Mulligan Stew June 25th 2022-Summer feelin!

Wait! As I typed the title of this Stew I realized JUNE is DONE –  Done  Like Dinner! I have got to get out more. Plus we all could use music that reflects that freedom. So, this Stew has the feeling of driving down the...


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